If you’re a homeowner, you may not be aware of the consequences that can be caused by pet dander. Here are a few steps to help keep you safe while keeping your home paw friendly


Since you have pets, you need to change your air filter more frequently than the timeline that is suggested by the manufacturer. A home with several pets will need even more frequent filter changes than those home with just one pet.

2. Know

A filter that is clogged with pet hair and dander can hurt your HVAC system. When your filters are clogged, it causes the system to have to work that much harder and longer to supply the home with the required air. This increases the cost of utilities due to the extra energy required by the system to operate. Stress is also increased on the system itself, which can lead to early breakdowns and overall failures of the system.

3. Protect

If you have allergies, pet dander and hair can have negative consequences while it remains in the air. If too much is throughout the home and in the HVAC system, those with allergies may suffer increased symptoms. This can also be harmful to those battling respiratory illnesses.

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