Too often we hear of a homeowner who shares their story of how a technician came to their house, claimed to have fixed the problem and left. However, when the homeowner tried to use the system, they found that it still didn’t work.

This is unacceptable. If you’re looking to have some work done on your heating and air system, it’s essential that you go with a company that will take the time to test your system before going on to their next call. Too many make the assumption that they fixed the problem without testing, trying to save time due to the high volume of calls they have to visit in a given day. Remember, the best are willing to test.

When you hire someone to fix your system, be proactive as a customer and ask the technician if he tested your system before leaving. This will save you time, money and will keep you more comfortable knowing that the problem has been fixed and the system has been tested to ensure it.

It also shows the value the company places on each individual customer and fosters trust and loyalty with you as the client. When you know they’re willing to test, you can take this as a mark that they’re one of the best.

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